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Service offer

Development, design and implementation of furnace and steam forms (cavities, bend track)
  - Prototypes and bulky series
Bending, twisting and shaping of tubes, pipes and sheets.
Welding of stainless steel and black steel and aluminum
    - MIG method
    - TIG method
    - pulse welding

Plasma cutting of stainless steel and black steel.
    - small prototype parts
    - milling
    - turning
Metal grinding, stainless steel polishing
Cargo and passenger transport
- WV Transporter T5 (5 seats)
- curtainsider trailer (2,6x1,25x1,5 - lxwxh)
In close cooperation I will provide design activities for various parts and machines.
Design and production of aluminum and plastic control products (GAGE),
design and manufacture of any automated production machines (marker, hinge etc.)
3D printing plastic, CNC milling, casting, painting, coating.


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