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I have been producing molds for fuel systems since 2007.
My advantage is above-standard delivery time, guaranteed accuracy of molds
both in smaller and large series. Molds are made of stainless steel using
CNC bending machines. This guarantees bending accuracy. Molds will be made according to exact customer requirements
and always in complete compliance with the customer's production process. The price includes personal delivery
and fine-tuning the mold into the control device directly at the customer. Where is then handover to production.
The advantage of stainless steel handmade molds is undoubtedly that I can instantly adjust them as needed,
If you need to adjust the angles, extend the lengths or or remodel the mold due to the manufacturing process I'll do it right on the spot
and continue manufacturing.
Compared to the printing of molds on a 3D printer, where you practically do not have a chance to routinely modify or service the molds, my molds are an undeniable advantage. Another advantage is the possibility of further processing, speed of production and delivery and above all the price, which is much lower than the offered 3D printed pieces. Repairs and service work can also be performed by maintenance personnel at the facility.


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